Back2School mobile bingo is doing it again with their special new mobile bingo options for 2012.
Since school life deals with quizzes, why not take their Bingology test and have a chance get the high score and win for a prize? The Ball for lifetime tells you how your lucky number can help you win real big cash. Choose one lucky number from 1-90 and when you win in the full house with your lucky number, you get rich with big cash. What a way to teach you to be lucky with numbers!

Since it's back to school and the basic knowledge, it is but appropriate to find here a tutorial for the beginners and novices on online bingo playing. Everything you need to know is laid down with the simplest and easiest way to understand. You'll learn bingo as if you're really back to school to have fun and excitement. Learn again how to stop, look and listen with every call and stop, look and call bingo.

Here at Back2School mobile bingo, everybody's a teacher’s pet as everybody has fair chance of winning the high progressive jackpots and prizes at stakes at different bingo rooms playing the basic 90, 75 and 80 balls bingo. And if something needs to be cleared, just raise your hand and the support team will come to your aid and makes everything as clear as possible.

If you've been missing school, play at Back2School bingo and bring back those school memories with your new mobile bingo buddies. At back2School bingo, it's time to enroll and play basic bingo once more.

Back2School Bingo - Back to Bingo Basic

At Back2School Bingo, it's time to go back to basic. This means traditional bingo with real excitement and fun. It means bingo with cash prizes and bingo with friends and buddies.

It is at school where we learn the basic things in life. We learn to write, read and do arithmetic. In Back2School mobile bingo, we learn how to play bingo, follow a pattern, call bingo and have fun while playing. It's a great place to be when one is missing this basic fun in life.

When we mean basic, it means simple. At Back2school bingo, everything is simple. From its simple green board announcing its homepage up to its registration, one uses only the basic knowledge of "read and click". By simply clicking the join button, you'll get registered at once. Making a basic deposit of 1 pound gives you the right to claim a 200% match up bonus.  With succeeding deposit from 5 up to 10 pounds gets you up to 25% bonus. With simple and the basic enthusiasm, you'll get to play the most exciting game online.

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